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Striped bass

Artwork: Joann Wheeler 1999

Fast Fact:

Also known as the rockfish or striper, this is Maryland's most important commercial and recreational fish species.  The state sport fish record is 67.5 lbs.      

Distribution Coastal: St. Lawrence River, Canada to the St. Johns River, Florida.  Gulf of Mexico to Louisiana.  British Columbia to California.  
Chesapeake Bay: throughout the Bay and its tributaries.
Description Body compressed, side with 7 or 8 narrow lateral stripes that align with scale rows, dorsal fins well separated, caudal fin forked, olive green, blue, or black dorsally.
Max. size 60 inches.
Life span Up to 30 years.
Food preference Juvenile: Planktonic crustaceans.
Adult: Variety of fishes, crustaceans, squids, mussels, and worms.
Spawning location Anadromous - migrate from ocean to freshwater in order to spawn.
Spawning period March through May, peak spawning occurs in April when temperatures are 13-20 degrees Celsius.
Additional Information Go to DNR's Fish Facts page or Juvenile Fish Index

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