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Yellow Perch

Artwork: Joann Wheeler 1999

Fast Fact:

Anadromous, of some commercial and recreational value. Best caught during the annual spring spawning run.

Distribution Coastal: Canada to South Carolina.
Chesapeake Bay: Freshwater and brackish (<13% salinity) tributaries.
Description Yellowish with 6-7 dark vertical bars; body elongate, moderately compressed; mouth large and terminal.
Max. size 18 inches.
Life span 13 years.
Food preference Insect larvae, crustaceans, and small fishes.
Spawning location Freshwater - they migrate from the river mouths into tributaries; shallow waters.
Spawning period Late February when water temperatures in shallow areas are 7-13 degrees Celsius.
Egg type Gelatinous strands.
Additional Information Go to DNR's Fish Facts page or Juvenile Fish Index

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