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a photo from the Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs ProgramBay Life Guide - All you wanted to know about life in the Bays from phytoplankton to aquatic insects to the various species that live in the Chesapeake and Maryland Coastal Bays.

Fish Facts - Loads of info. on the various types of fish found in the Chesapeake Bay, with pictures!

Bay Grasses In Classes-Learn how to get your classroom involved in bay grass planting activities.

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FAQ's about the Chesapeake Bay
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Eyes on the Bay - Find out the latest information on water temperature, salinity, water clarity and dissolved oxygen in the tributary nearest you.

Play the Bay Game! - 2002 version is on-line!

Chesapeake Bay Word Search - a word search puzzle for kids of all ages. See if you can find all the Chesapeake Bay words!

Electricity in Maryland
-Learn about DNR's activities with power plants and electricity.

Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs -Find out how to learn basic fishing skills during the summer..

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