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You may not be aware of it, but all of our activities on land (like driving, building and farming) impact the Chesapeake Bay. Our individual contributions may seem small, but by making small changes in our daily habits together with 4.6 million other Marylanders all living in the Bay watershed, we can clean up the Bay.

Get Involved

Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities Department of Natural Resources

Conservation Education Outreach
(410) 260-8713

Chesapeake Bay Trust
(410) 974-294

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Baywatchers
(410) 269-0481

Alliance For The Chesapeake Bay
(410) 377-6270

Save Our Streams
(410) 969-0084

Critical Areas Commission
(410) 260-7516

Maryland's Tributary Strategies
Department of Natural Resources
(410) 260-8710

Chesapeake Regional Information Service

Chesapeake Bay Program
1-800-YOUR BAY

Practice Conservation

Maryland Energy Administration

Used oil recycling/general oil
recycling information
Maryland Environmental Service

Four Seasons of Natural Resources
Activity Book
(410) 974-3991

Support the Bay and its Resources

Chesapeake Bay License Plate
Motor Vehicle Administration

Maryland Tax Checkoff For the Bay
and Maryland's Endangered Species
Chesapeake Bay Trust
(410) 974-2941

Report Suspected Pollution Problems

MD Department of the Environment
Hazardous Materials and Oil Spills
(410) 333-2950
nights and weekends
(410) 974-3551

Water Pollution Violations
(410) 631-3409
nights and weekends
(410) 974-3551

Air Pollution Violations
(410) 631-3215
nights and weekends
(410) 243-8700

Fish Health Problems
(888) 584-3110

Algae Blooms
(410) 260-8630

Public Sewer Leaks/Overflows
(410) 631-3632
nights and weekends
(410) 243-8700

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