Research Vessel Kerhin

a photo the R/V Kerhin in the water.The Research Vessel Kerhin, named in memory of Randall T. Kerhin, is a fully equipped research vessel doing its part to help fulfill the mission of DNR’s Resource Assessment Service:  to restore, protect, and manage for current and future generations Maryland’s tidal and non-tidal ecosystems including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and the coastal bays, by monitoring, assessment, and research.  At 51 feet long and equipped with an array of state-of-the-art electronic navigation aids and sampling gear, the R/V Kerhin and crew plies the Chesapeake Bay, many of its major tributaries, collecting water and  sediment samples that are analyzed to measure nutrients, dissolved
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Research Vessel Kerhin
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oxygen, algal abundance, toxic contaminants and other factors that tell us about the ecological The R/V Kerhin storm-rigged at Sandy Point State Park in preparation for hurricane of these bodies of water.  The R/V Kerhin also assists DNR’s Fisheries Service in mapping the location of oyster reefs in Chesapeake Bay and finding suitable locations for building new reefs.

The R/V Kerhin and crew is also active in mapping and evaluating the geological features of Maryland’s estuaries and the inner continental shelf off Ocean City.  The R/V Kerhin also assists MGS scientists in studies related to the Ocean City Beach replenishment Project and various geological investigations on Maryland’s inner continental shelf.  Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Maryland, and the Naval Research Laboratory regularly charter the R/V Kerhin for research cruises.

Captain Rick Younger, who grew up on Chesapeake Bay and its many tributaries, brings many years of boating experience to his job as ‘skipper’ of the R/V Kerhin.


For more information on the R/V Kerhin, please contact Captain Rick Younger
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tawes State Office Building C-2
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis MD 21401
Telephone 410-326-3142
FAX 410-326-3142

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