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Freon Canister StudyMWDI believes that effective resource management of nest box programs cannot occur without good data on nest use and productivity results. Obtaining and analyzing this information is critical to optimize duckling production from a given set of nest box “assets". MWDI’s research focus is generally oriented towards the establishment and use of this statistical base. As MWDI builds its state wide data base of nest box information into the “thousands”, all sorts of statistically significant analyzes will be possible.

While this data base will take years to build and perfect, the use of artificial nest boxes offers many types of “cause and effect” study opportunities that complement these potentially more sophisticated analyses. These studies can be quite simple or complex, but they help reinforce the educational aspects of nature at work.

MWDI has initiated several of research projects and is keen to start others. The principal ones include the following:

MWDI Supports Research of Program Sponsors
MWDI is also interested in supporting the research efforts of any program sponsor from its data base and has provided box direction facing information to one participant who has a multi-year study in progress on that subject. All data is kept confidential unless approved for release.

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This page updated on February 13, 2009