Proposed Wildlife Regulations

This is a summary of regulation proposals submitted by the Wildlife and Heritage Service. Consult the Maryland Register, Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), and the Natural Resources Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland for full legal text.

Wildlife and Heritage Service welcomes public comment on proposed regulations. However, only comments provided during the official public comment period specified in the appropriate Maryland Register announcement become part of the official regulatory record. The official public comment period is 30 days after publication of the proposed regulation in the Maryland Register. Receiving comments on the proposal provides the Department with invaluable information and perspectives on the views of the public regarding the proposed regulation that may be incorporated into content or editorial changes. The Maryland Register notice will provide contact information where all official public comments may be sent.

Interpreting proposed regulations requires some understanding of the convention for reading proposed regulation changes as developed by the Department of State Documents. The convention is as follows:

  • Roman type indicates existing text of the regulation.
  • Italic type indicates proposed new text.
  • [Single brackets] indicate text proposed for deletion.
  • (text unchanged) indicates none of the text for that section is proposed to be changed.

2018 Regulation Proposals

General Wildlife Hunting Regulations
COMAR, .14, and .15

Published in the Maryland Register: December 22, 2017
Public Comment Period Ends: January 22, 2018
Scheduled Effective Date: February 26, 2018

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Comments may be submitted be calling, faxing or emailing Karina Stonesifer at 310-777-2136 (phone), 301-777-2029 (fax) or

Purpose of the Changes:

The purpose of this action is to amend certain regulations to comply with federal regulations for migratory birds or to comply with legislation recently enacted by the General Assembly. Changes to Regulation .02 will remove the provision to allow the use of recorded bird calls when hunting resident Canada geese and clarifies that the use of recorded bird calls for snow geese is allowed only during the Light Goose Conservation Order season. Changes to Regulation .14 are intended to comply with legislation passed during the 2017 General Assembly. The regulation change removes the exemption from wearing fluorescent orange clothing for a person hunting certain wildlife on that person’s property. Changes to Regulation .15 correct the citation number to a federal regulation.