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Governor Appoints 11-Member Blue Ribbon Commission To Recommend Solutions For Pfiesteria Outbreaks

Annapolis, Md ( September 15, 1997)--A key component of the broadened action plan announced Thursday by Governor Parris N. Glendening was finalized today as the Governor appointed an 11-member Blue Ribbon Citizens Pfiesteria Commission to be chaired by former Governor Harry R. Hughes. The Commission includes representation from the General Assembly, the academic, agricultural, and environmental communities; local government officials; and private citizens.

“This is truly a blue ribbon commission, comprised of highly respected individuals who are committed to working hard to develop solutions to this problem,” said Governor Glendening. “These 11 men and women will be meeting intensively during the coming weeks and presenting their recommendations by November 1. I eagerly await their ideas and suggestions.”

In addition to former Governor Hughes, the Blue Ribbon citizens Pfiestera Commission includes the following 10 members:

  • The Honorable Brian Frosh, Maryland State Senate and a member of the Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee;
  • The Honorable Ronald A Guns, Maryland State Senate and a member of the Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee;
  • William “Will” Baker, President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation;
  • The Honorable Clinton S. “Clint” Bradley III, current President of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) and President of the Talbot County Council;
  • The Honorable Bernie Fowler, former State Senator and highly respected Southern Maryland environmental advocate;
  • Frederick W. “Rick” Nelson, Jr, a lifetime Somerset County resident, owner and operator of a poultry grain farm, and President of the Somerset County Farm Bureau;
  • The Honorable Lloyd L. “Hot Dog” Simpkins, a former Secretary of State, former member of the Maryland House of Delegates, and a retired Circuit and District Court judge;
  • Dr. Alfred Sommer, Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, and Professor of Ophthalmology, Epidemiology, and International Health at Johns Hopkins;
  • Dr. Dolores Margaret Richard Spikes, President of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore;
  • Dr. John Toll, President of Washington College;

“I want to thank Governor Glendening for asking me to chair this important Commission,” said former Governor Hughes. “I certainly agree with the Governor that this is a serious problem that demands our full and immediate attention. We have developed an aggressive meeting schedule that will enable us to make our recommendations to the Governor by November 1.”

Governor Hughes said that the Commission was tentatively scheduled to hold its first meeting early next week (September 22-26). The time and location for such a meeting has not yet been determined.

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