Governor’s Press Office
Governor Says Re-Opening Of Pocomoke River
Is Based On Sound Policy, Medical Expertise

Annapolis, MD (October 3, 1997) -- Governor Parris N. Glendening released the protocol policy that will direct future closures and re-openings of Pfiesteria-affected waterways. In conjunction with that release and today’s announcement that he is re-opening the river, which had been closed since August 29 due to evidence of human health effects related to direct contact with Pfiesteria-like organisms present in the river, Governor Glendening issued the following statement:

“As we take the prudent, responsible step today to re-open the Pocomoke River, I must first recognize the local residents and watermen whose livelihoods and quality of life have been affected by the closure. I commend everyone who has suffered personal or financial hardship during this difficult period for the courage and fortitude they have demonstrated. With today’s action, we are hoping that their lives may now begin to return to normal.

“I commend the outstanding medical team for the dedication, time, and hard work they have devoted to this problem over the past several months. Our decisions have been, and will continue to be, motivated by the science we can bring to bear on this subject.”

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