Governor’s Press Office
Governor Glendening Closes King’s Creek
on Eastern Shore

[a picture of Kings Creek]Annapolis, MD (September 10, 1997) -- Earlier this evening, Governor Parris N. Glendening issued the following statement:

“This evening, we have closed King’s Creek, which is located off the Manokin River in Somerset County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We took this action following confirmation of a significant number of fish, specifically menhaden, in distress with pfiesteria-like lesions in this small creek.

 [large view of the area]“Information on this incident was originally reported to us by a local resident through our fish health hotline earlier today. That report was handled quickly and aggressively, and an investigation was launched immediately. That investigation resulted in the closure of the creek, which we implemented this evening in conjunction with the Somerset County Health Department.

“We have taken this action tonight because we know the signals we observed today indicate that a pfiesteria-like organism could potentially be at work in a toxic form. Our investigation into what may be affecting fish health in this creek will continue tomorrow. In the meantime, we cannot put the health and well-being of our citizens at risk. Our main concerns remain the health of our citizens and protection of the Chesapeake Bay”

[detailed view of the area]

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