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Pump, Don't Dump

Sewage discharged from boats adds to the pollution in the Bay. Boaters with on-board toilets should use a sanitary marine pump-out station for disposal of sewage. Legislation was passed in 1988 allowing the use of waterway improvement funds to construct marine sewage pump-out facilities at public or private marinas. A total of over 260 pumpout facilities are operational on Maryland's waterways. Call MD Dept. of Natural Resources at (410) 260-8772, or go to the Clean Marina site for more information about clean boating practices.

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Don't Keep More Fish Than You Need

Conservation begins with you. Releasing fish back into the Chesapeake Bay means there will be more fish for others to enjoy. Instead of counting the number of fish caught and kept, count the number of fish released alive. For more information, call MD Dept. of Natural Resources, Fisheries (410) 260-8250.

Don't Top Off Your Gas Tank

Topping off your tank with gas can cause spillage, which releases pollutants into the air. Remember, when gasoline is burned, it releases pollutants that cause smog. Keep your car well-tuned because dirty carburetors, clogged air filters, worn points and plugs not only waste gas and lower engine performance, they cause increased emissions of smog creating pollutants. For more information, call MD Dept. of the Environment, Office of Public Information & Community Assistance at (410) 631-3003.

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