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Get involved in one of the Department of Natural Resourcesí many ongoing efforts to restore and maintain Marylandís bays and streams!  Programs and information are available for citizens, schools, businesses, marinas, and other groups to help facilitate their involvement in maintaining, protecting, and restoring our bays and streams.  Just a few ways you can get involved include: 

  • Grow bay grasses in classrooms
  • Monitor the water quality in an area where you frequently fish,
  • Document and report beaches where you find horseshoe crabs
  • Volunteer at a nearby State Park
  • Become and informed citizen and make natural resource friendly decisions in your day-to-day life

Many schools, citizens, and businesses in Maryland have become active partners with the DNR by participating in these programs.  Virtually all of our daily activities affect Marylandís natural resources in some way.  An informed citizen is able to make the best choices for the future.  We hope you will use information from the DNR website to get involved too!

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