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 Phytoplankton Species of Interest

I.  Diatoms
Amphora coffeaeformis  
Pseudo-nitzschia sp.
P. pseudodelicatissima 
P. seriata 
II.  Dinoflagellates
Amphidinium operculatum
Cochlodinium heterolobatum
Dinophysis  sp.
          D. acuta
    D. fortii  
    D. norvegica    
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  Gyrodinium aureolum
Karlodinium micrum  Mahogany Tide
Pfiesteria sp. *
P. piscicida
P. shumwayae
  Prorocentrum minimum  Mahogany Tide
Scrippsiella trochoidea  Red Tide
III. Raphidophytes
Chattonella verruculosa Red Tide
  Fibrocapsa japonica  
  Heterosigma akashiwo  
IV.  Chrysophytes
Aureococcus anaphogefferens Brown Tide
V. Cyanophytes
Anabaena sp.
Aphanizomenon sp.
Microcystis aeruginosa bright blue-green/ paint like

*may cause fish kills and have human health effects

The above lists include phytoplankton recorded between 1985 and 2000 within the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays that have been reported in the literature as HABs, some as toxin producers (Modified from Marshall 1996 and Horner et al. 1997). (Last updated 2/13/01)


Marshall, H.G. 1996. Toxin producing phytoplankton in Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Journal of Science. 47(1):29-38.

Horner, R.A., D.L. Garrison, and F.G. Plumley. 1997. Harmful algal blooms and red tide problems on the U.S. west coast. Limnol. Oceanogr. 42(5 part 2):1076-1088.

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