Monitoring Nutrients In The Chesapeake Bay

Observing the need to monitor nutrients in our estuaries, the Maryland Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Monitoring Program conducted monitoring of Sediment Oxygen and Nutrient Exchanges (SONE) in the Patuxent River. This is an area of particular interest because there have been substantial reductions in nutrient loading rates and will allow us to evaluate how past reductions have affected nutrient fluxes. An important goal of the SONE monitoring program is to determine the current status and long-term trends that develop in sediment oxygen consumption and nutrient fluxes.

Learn more about each of the SONE parameters:

Sediment Oxygen Consumption (SOC)
Ammonium (NH4+) 
Nitrite (NO2-) 
Nitrite plus Nitrate (NO2- + NO3-) 
Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorus (PO4-3 or DIP) 
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