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On August 24, 1999, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources acknowledged the many scientific and educational contributions of Randall T. Kerhin to the State of Maryland by re-naming the Research Vessel Discovery and officially christening the R/V Kerhin. At the time of his death on January 1, 1999 (at the age of 52), Randy was Deputy Director of the Maryland Geological Survey.  He also served as Chief of the Coastal and Estuarine Geology Program for over 20 years.

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Under Randy’s direction, the program mapped the sediment layers in Chesapeake Bay and produced one of the most comprehensive examinations of estuarine sediments.  Randy was keenly aware of the impacts of sea level rise on Maryland’s coast line and worked diligently to communicate the implications of these changes to resource managers and the public.  He guided the mapping of shoreline erosion throughout Maryland’s coastal areas and led the effort to locate offshore sand deposits used to replenish beaches along Ocean City and Assateague Island.

a photo of a banner for the official christening for the R/V Kerhin on August 24th, 1999

a photo of the christening
Karen Kehrin breaks the champagne bottle over the port stern of the R/V Kerhin.

More than 150 friends, family and colleagues gathered at the Living Classrooms Foundation in the Fells Point area of Baltimore to christen the 51-ft. research vessel.  Speakers included Dr. Jeff Halka (one of Randy’s colleagues), Dr. Emery Cleaves (Director of the Maryland Geological Survey), Dr. Paul Massicot (former Director of DNR’s Resource Assessment Service), Dr. Sarah Taylor-Rogers (former Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources), and Karen Kerhin (Randy’s wife).  The R/V Kerhin will be actively doing its part to fulfill the mission of the Department’s Resource Assessment restore, protect, and manage Maryland’s aquatic ecosystems for current and future generations.

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