Chesapeake Bay Monitoring

Monitoring for Management Actions

The Maryland Office of Environmental Programs
Chesapeake Bay
Water Quality Monitoring Program

First Biennial Report
February 1987

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Nutrient Limitation
Ecosystem Processes
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Robert E. Magnien
Michael S. Haire
Project Supervisor
Adele Wilzack, R.N., M.S.
Secretary, Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
William M. Eichbaum

Assistant Secretary, Office of Environmental Programs
Alice J. Lippson
Design and Illustration

Robert E. Magnien

Robert M. Summers

Michael S. Haire

Walter R. Boynton

David C. Brownlee

A. Frederick Holland

Fred Jacobs

W. Michael Kemp

Kevin G. Sellner

Gregory D. Foster

David A. Wright

a.    Preface
b.   Acknowledgements
1.   Introduction
2.   Understanding The Bay's Problems
3.   Program Description
4.   Chemical and Physical Properties
5.   Plankton
6.   Benthic Organisms
7.   Ecosystem Processes
8.   Pollutant Inputs
9.   Management Strategies and the Role of Monitoring
10. Glossary

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