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PPRP was established under the Power Plant Siting and Research Act of 1971. This enlightened legislation provided a model for addressing power plant licensing issues which several other states have adopted.

The enabling legislation established an Environmental Trust Fund to support the Power Plant Research Program. Funding is provided through an environmental surcharge that is assessed on all electricity used in the State. The surcharge adds between 10 and 20 per month to the average residential customer's electric bill.

The Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) functions to ensure that Maryland meets its electricity demands at reasonable costs while protecting the State's valuable natural resources. It provides a continuing program for evaluating electric generation issues and recommending responsible, long-term solutions.

Mission Statement of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

The Department of Natural Resources preserves, protects, enhances and restores
Maryland's natural resources for the wise use and enjoyment of all citizens.
This publication provides information that will increase your understanding of how DNR strives to reach that goal through its many diverse programs.

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