Maryland Department of Natural Resources Bay Grasses in Classes
Bay Grasses in Classes
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Classroom Setup - Mixing the Sediment
Ms Keister's students from St. James Academy mix the sediment for their planting trays.  The soil has to be just right for the grasses to survive the early years of their life.  These grasses will eventually find their way to the Back river.  

Students from Marley Elementary prepare the seeds to add to the sediment mixture.

Classroom Activity

Ms. Fair's students add their seed and sand mixture to the trays.

After students prepare the sediment and plant their seeds, they submerge their plants into the growth chamber at Franklin Elementary.

Classroom Activity

Students fill the chambers and make sure the lights are the correct height.

Once the seeds have germinated, students record plant height and water quality data and submit their results to Maryland DNR. They can view their results on-line and compare them with other schools.

At the end of the school year, some students from each class attend a planting event at restoration sites throughout MD. They pull seine nets and examine aquatic species with the help of biologists and educators. At the end of the day, students take the plunge into the Bay and plant their classroom grown bay grasses.

Students from Ms. Griffith's class at C. Milton Wright High plant their classroom grown grasses.

The bay grasses provide habitat for numerous fish, including largemouth bass, bluegills, catfish and perch.  A student from Sparks Elementary shows off his catch from the seining activity.

Students pull a seine net to assess aquatic biodiversity at Rocky Point Park.

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