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Bay Grass Bay Grasses Identification Key

The bay grass key was designed to allow you to identify most species of bay grasses found in Maryland. Although bay grasses are notoriously difficult to identify using standard taxonomic keys, the flexible format of the Internet allows us to combine detailed pictures, simple line drawings and text messages in a stepwise sequence that makes identifying bay grasses simple.

You may find it useful to have a metric ruler with millimeters marked (A clear ruler works best), a magnifying glass, and a Ziploc plastic bag to help you in the process of identifying your plant. If you already know the identity of a particular bay grass use the "I know the species" drop down boxes at the bottom right.

I don't know my SAV Name and need help SAV Key I know my SAV Name

Print out a complete version of the key in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat file 18MB) -
To get the free Acrobat Reader go to

The text and photos used in this key were produced through a collaborative effort among the following partners.
For permission to reproduce individual photos, please contact Mike Naylor at (410) 260-8652.


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