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Patuxent Project
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Maryland DNR restoration activity on the Patuxent River began in 2003. Five sites in the lower Patuxent River; Parrans Hollow, Jefferson Patterson Park, Myrtle Point, Hungerford Creek and Solomons Island were identified as suitable habitats for Z. marina recolonization based on the MD DNR SAV Restoration Targeting System. Since then, nearly 26 acres of bottom have been seeded, most recently at Jefferson Patterson Park in 2006. This page serves as an online resource for viewing maps associated with MD DNR's eelgrass restoration on the Patuxent River.

Patuxent River Map Collection
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Eelgrass Seed Collection Locations

A map showing eelgrass reproductive material collection from 2003 to 2006.

Map showing eelgrass reproductive material collection 2003-2006. Harvesting took place near Smith Island and the Little Annemessex River in 2003, near the Little Annemessex River in 2004, and the Little Annemessex River and the mouth of Acre Creek in 2005. Manual harvesting using SCUBA took place in the mouth of the Big Annemessex River in 2006.

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Map of Patuxent River, MD with restoration locations:

PH - Parrans Hollow

JPP - Jefferson Patterson Park

HC - Hungerford Creek

MP - Myrtle Point

SI - Solomons Island

A map showing the restoration locations in the Patuxent River.
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Map detailing seeding activity at each of five Patuxent River restoration locations: Parrans Hollow (PH), Jefferson Patterson Park (JPP), Hungerford Creek (HC), Myrtle Point (MP) and Solomons Island (SI)

Click on one restoration location on map or below to view larger individual maps detailing seeding activity at each of the five individual restoration locations.

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