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sign showing the Piney Point Aquaculture CenterPiney Point Aquaculture Center
Bay Grass Activities

Located in St. Mary’s County, the Piney Point Aquaculture Center is
home to two major MD-DNR large-scale bay grass restoration efforts:

Eelgrass seed processing center
a photo of eelgrass seed processing tanksIn the Spring of 2003 we hand collected seed-bearing shoots for processing at Piney Point. These a photo of eelgrass seedsseed-bearing shoots were held in flow through tanks until the mature seeds settled to the bottom of the tanks. The seeds were then stored for Fall seed dispersal experiments in the lower Patuxent and Potomac Rivers. In 2004, to improve efficiency and increase the number of seeds collected, we will be testing mechanical methods for collecting eelgrass seed-bearing shoots and expand the size of eelgrass processing tanks. This facility will be used to process eelgrass for both Maryland and Virginia restoration activities.

a photo of the eelgrass nursery tanksEelgrass nursery
In order to annually provide 30,000 eelgrass plants for bay grass mitigation resulting from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge construction, MD-DNR and St. Mary’s College have designed and constructed a 4000 gallon grow-out system. This semi-closed, temperature controlled eelgrass grow-out system is capable of producing adult plants in less than five months from seed.

a photo of nursery raised eelgrass

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