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Potomac Project
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Map of the Potomac Large Scale Restoration of Eelgrass
in the Potomac River

General Information
a map showing the Potomac River
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Project Highlights
40.04 acres have been seeded to date!
  • November 2007 540,000 seeds were broadcast at St. George's Island and Cherryfield Point covering a total of 2 acres
  • June 2007 Seed bags were deployed covering 0.34 acres at St. George's Island on the Potomac River

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    Read more about this project:
  • Project Background
  • Project Reports

    Now available: Final Report Large-Scale Restoration of Eelgrass (Zostera marina) in the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers, Maryland

  • The MD - DNR has undertaken the following goals as part of this Potomac River Restoration Project:

    1. To carry out large-scale restoration of eelgrass at several sites on the Potomac River, Maryland using the following approach:
    2. To compare the effectiveness of large-scale eelgrass restoration using vegetative shoots and seeding methodologies
    3. Produce a final, technical analysis documenting degree of revegetation of each site and evaluating effectiveness of the two methods compared during this project.

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