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Are Your Youngsters Water Wise?

Be smart from the start! Join the waterwise program! Every year 7,000 to 9,000 people drown in the United States. Many drown in 8-10 feet of water and within 10 feet of safety. Do you know that most of these tragedies could be prevented?

Have you taught your youngsters how to be safe in and around the water? The Maryland Natural Resources Police have taught thousands of youngsters in Maryland the basic information needed to prevent the tragedies that occur on the water. Our Water Wise Programs are designed for every age group and can be customized for your needs. The Water Wise Programs are simple, fun, take about an hour, and best of all they are free. We have designed several programs to provide basic water safety concepts which will help prevent that tragic drownings that occur every year. There is a program for every age group fro pre-kindergarten through adult.

You need only provide a room full of interested students and possibly a VCR and TV. We will be in and out in an hour and you will have provided your youngsters with important water safety information that will last them a life time.

To schedule a program call the Natural Resources Police regional office nearest you:

Western Region (301) 478-2110
Central Region (410) 356-7060
Southern Region (301) 645-0062
Upper Eastern Shore(410) 758-2874
Lower Eastern Shore(410) 548-7071

See the Boating Safety Class Listings

Chesapeake Bay Hotline

Call 1-877-224-7229

to report any of the following

  • Boating accident or reckless activity
  • Fish kill or algal bloom
  • Floating debris that poses a hazard to navigation
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Public sewer leak or overflow
  • Oil or hazardous material spill
  • Critical area or wetlands violation
  • Suspicious or unusual activity