Coastal Atlas: Ocean

The Coastal Atlasí Ocean mapping tool allows users to view ocean data and access tools to understand and balance multiple ocean uses, including shipping, offshore renewable energy, recreation and fishing.

View the mapping tool: Ocean screen capture.

Potential applications for this tool include:

  • Accessing information needed for coastal and ocean planning efforts
  • Finding the best location for renewable energy projects
  • Identifying potential conflicts so that they can then be avoided early in the planning process
  • Locating sand resources needed for beach replenishment

The Chesapeake & Coastal Service will offer training opportunities to help users make the most of the data and tools found on the Coastal Atlas. We are interested in receiving your comments and feedback on the functionality of the current Ocean data and tools. If there are specific tools or data sets that could be developed in order to more effectively help users address specific coastal issues, please let us know.

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In Focus

Bathymetry Profile Tool

Bathymetry Profile Tool This tool shows a profile of the ocean bottom along a line. To view the bathymetry information, choose a line (straight line, polyline, or freehand line) and draw a line on the map. The graph will show the depth and distance of the bathymetry profile. Moving your mouse along the profile will show a corresponding red mark on the line you drew to show you how the profile corresponds to the map. To draw a new profile, select one of the drawing tools and draw a new line; the profile will update itself. Click here to be directed to the entire Coastal Atlas Training Manual and Tool Index.

Download Coastal Atlas Training Manual

Coastal Atlas Training Manual

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