Chesapeake & Coastal Service Staff Contacts

Matt Fleming

MATT FLEMING, Chesapeake & Coastal Service Unit Director

Matt directs all programs and activities of the Chesapeake and Coastal Service Unit. He serves as liaison between the Chesapeake and Coastal Service, other state and federal agencies or programs, the regional Chesapeake Bay Program, non-governmental organizations and associations.

Chris Aadland

CHRIS AADLAND, Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant Manager
Restoration, Finance and Policy

Chris manages the Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant which provides federal funds used to increase implementation of Maryland’s Watershed Implementation. In addition, manages grants for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund and facilitates meetings of the Chesapeake Watershed Resources Advisory Committee whose role is to advise MDDNR on issues affecting Maryland’s coastal counties.

Joe Abe

JOE ABE, Coastal Policies and Project Review
Restoration, Finance and Policy

Joe updates and clarifies Maryland’s enforceable coastal policies, serves as DNR contact for Maryland Clearinghouse, and expedites and strengthens federal consistency to enhance State-Federal coordination. With a background bridging the environment, energy, technology and economic development, Joe reviews hundreds of projects to advance State and Federal sustainability goals, and manages staff and projects that relate to land-based and offshore renewable energy, climate adaptability and resilience, community and economic development, Bay restoration and the smart, green and growing initiative.

Alison Armocida

ALISON ARMOCIDA, Natural Resources Biologist
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Alison serves as project lead for the State Lands Audit which identifies stream, wetland and other restoration opportunities on State owned land. She conducts protocols to identify and assess areas for potential stormwater retrofits, to be used by state and county personnel to select and develop stormwater best management practices. Alison assists with other projects throughout the department, with particular emphasis on restoration and enhancement of wetlands and streams.

Janet Bagbey

JANET BAGBEY, Administrative Specialist
Management Services

Janet provides contract management for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Trust Fund. She provides fiscal support to the Habitat Restoration & Conservation Division. She is responsible for tracking all restoration contracts related to Natural Filters projects including special, general and reimbursable funding sources and provides oversight in the processing of all invoices and corporate card purchases.

Chris Becraft

CHRIS BECRAFT, Conservation Associate
Restoration, Finance and Policy

Chris develops and coordinates State and interstate policy through the Governor’s Bay Cabinet and Governor’s Bay Workgroup. He also manages multiple projects and contracts related to implementation-related activities in the Trust Fund and provides communications-related support for CCS activities.

Dionne Bell

DIONNE BELL, Office Secretary
Management Services

Dionne is the Office Secretary to Chesapeake & Coastal Service and the CBNERR-MD group. She performs procurement duties, clerical duties, mail distributor, travel paperwork, setting up meetings and catering, and many other administrative duties.

Betty Blanchard

Geospatial Information and Analysis

Betty provides GIS support to Habitat Restoration and Conservation staff.

Tom Brower

TOM BROWER, Agency Projects Engineer
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Tom is charged with providing technical assistance to waterfront property owners experiencing erosion along their shoreline and managing living shoreline loan projects, funded through the Shore Erosion Control Revolving Loan Program.

Nicole Carlozo

NICOLE CARLOZO, Coastal Management Fellow
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Nicole is responsible for integrating water quality and coastal resources into the state’s marine spatial planning efforts. She works with stakeholders to identify natural filter restoration and oyster aquaculture opportunities. Additionally, she provides GIS and technical support. Nicole holds a Masters Degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University

Gabe Cohee

GABE COHEE, Restoration Project Manager
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Gabe administers and manages restoration projects through the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund. He is the Issuing Officer for grants provided through Governor O’Malley’s Stream Restoration Challenge, a program established in August 2012. Additionally, Gabe works with other unit representatives on communication strategies to improve transparency of funding and engage the public in restoration efforts.

Kelly Collins

KELLY COLLINS, Coastal Resources Planner
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Kelly supports Departmental efforts to: reduce the vulnerability of coastal resources and communities to the potential impacts of coastal hazards; ensure the informed use of coastal resources; enhance public access to coastal beaches and waters; and preserve water-dependent uses.

Chris Cortina

CHRIS CORTINA, Hazard Assessment & Coastal Planning Section Chief
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Chris administers the CZM Section 309 coastal community planning grants for coastal cities and counties and the Section 306A small-scale construction and acquisition grants. He develops and maintains Maryland’s Coastal Atlas, an on-line data resource for coastal Maryland, and serves as liaison with national and regional technical teams developing similar web-based portals. Chris also serves as the program’s communications specialist.

Kevin Coyne

KEVIN COYNE, Geospatial Information and Analysis Division Assistant Director
Geospatial Information and Analysis

Kevin provides staff and the general public with mapping tools to understand and analyze the importance of natural resources throughout Maryland. Kevin holds B.S. degrees in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering from Drexel University and an M.S. in Biological Resources Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Carrie Decker

CARRIE DECKER, Project Manager/Restoration Specialist
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Carrie has worked at DNR since 2004, first with the Tributary Strategies Program until 2007, then with the Coastal Program until 2011. Now serving as a Program Manager/ Restoration Specialist with HRC, she assists counties, municipalities and communities in assessing, planning, and implementing stormwater, stream and other natural filters enhancement practices. Reviewing and assisting with grant writing and funding opportunities is also a part of her skill set. She serves as the coordinator for the Corscia Implementers Committee that has been a partner with DNR and many other agencies since 2005.

Claudia Donegan

CLAUDIA DONEGAN, Community Restoration Program Section Chief
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Claudia is responsible for developing a new focus in the DNR Habitat Restoration and Conservation Division – called Community Projects for Restoration (CPR). This program emphasizes collaboration and coordination with Chesapeake Bay communities, local governments and the Maryland Conservation Corp to plan and create viable habitat and water quality restoration projects including; reforestations, shoreline and wetland creation, and ecosystem improvements on public and private lands.

George Edmonds

Geospatial Information and Analysis

George is responsible for maintaining and updating the Blue and Green Infrastructures conservation assessment tools. He works on a variety of projects requiring ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and modeling for environmental related analysis. He has been involved in Data Management, Design, and Data Services for the Maryland DNR Coastal Atlas, which includes the Shorelines, Estuaries, and Ocean web map applications located on the MD iMap Portal. George holds an M.S. in Natural Resources Management and Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a B.S. in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland.

Stacy Epperson

STACY EPPERSON, Education Specialist
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Stacy manages Raising Horseshoe Crabs in the Classroom Program; the Green Eggs and Sand Horseshoe Crab/Migratory Shorebird Education Project; and the Aquatic Ecology portion of the Maryland Envirothon High School competition. She serves as a member of the Aquatic Resources Education team; the Green Team, and initiates, develops or co-presents various general education activities in and for the state of Maryland.

Cindy Etgen

CINDY ETGEN, Aquatic Resources Education Section Chief
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Cindy conducts educator professional development, administers grants to schools for environmental/aquatic based projects, manages classroom based programs, and summer based angler education programs. As Section Chief, she works with educators throughout Maryland to develop programs to help students of all ages become environmentally literate and actively engaged stewards of our natural resources.

Catherine Felker

Geospatial Information and Analysis

Catherine provides mapping and data services for the department through Geospatial Information & Analysis.

Kristen Fleming

KRISTEN B. FLEMING, Program Development and Implementation Section Chief
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Kristen serves as lead for the development of programs that address the State’s restoration and mitigation goals. She administers grants for on-the ground restoration projects including riparian plantings, wetlands, reforestation, shoreline and bioremediation throughout the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays watersheds. Kristen collaborates with other state agencies, local governments, and watershed groups in identifying and developing projects and proposals and oversees project management.

L. Dave Foreman

L. DAVE FOREMAN, Geospatial Information and Analyst
Geospatial Information and Analysis

As the Technical Advisor and Liaison, Dave provides GIS support to collect, create, maintain, analyze, and distribute spatial data about Maryland’s natural resources to assist in making efficient choices for sustainable use and stewardship. His responsibilities include the creation and support of partnerships through federal, state, and local partners to ensure the best possible decision making regarding vital and life-sustaining activities for the Chesapeake Bay, Coastal Bay, and their tributaries.

Lisa Gutierrez

LISA GUTIERREZ, Public Access and Water Trails Program Manager
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Lisa oversees the statewide planning and development of public water access sites and water trails. She provides technical, mapping and design assistance to local, state, and federal partners to establish water trails and tracks Maryland’s progress in achieving goals related to expanding public access. Lisa also developed and maintains the Maryland Online Water Access Guide.

Wilma Heinbuch

WILMA HEINBUCH, Administrator
Management Services

Wilma assists with procurement, telephone services and problems, and tracks the unit’s budget in all funds.

Amy Henry

AMY STAHLER HENRY, Education Specialist
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Amy coordinates the Teaching Environmental Awareness in Maryland (TEAM) program. She trains adult volunteers to teach elementary and middle schools students about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and other environmental issues. She chairs the nature play space committee for Play & Learn, helps develop nature play space demonstration projects for the Partnership for Children in Nature, and coordinates the Conservation Education Matrix Team meetings. Amy holds a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Education from the University of Michigan.

Josephine Herring

Geospatial Information and Analysis

Josephine assists Land Acquisition and Planning, MET, Rural Legacy and Forest Conservation with their mapping and data analysis. She provides support to MD iMap for geospatial data creation and maintenance to serve web-based mapping applications. Josephine provides geospatial data and analysis to support the management of Maryland's natural resources. She holds a B.S. in Biology from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Sarah Hildebrand

SARAH HILDERBRAND, Natural Resources Biologist/Project Manager
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Sarah focuses on restoration project development and implementation especially on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She helps to identify restoration opportunities, provides technical assistance, oversees project management, and assists with restoration monitoring efforts. Sarah contributes to other projects throughout the department, with particular emphasis on restoration and enhancement of wetlands and stream habitats.

Chris Hintz

Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Chris is the liaison between TEAM volunteers and the schools Chris schedules the programs that the teachers request, teams up volunteers and schools, promotes TEAM and other ARE programs, and ensures that all the logistics for the scheduled programs and with the volunteers are in place. Chris came to DNR after having worked at the Accokeek Foundation/National Colonial Farm for five years doing historical interpretation, environmental education, and organic farming. In her previous life, she was an editor and print production manager. Chris holds a BA from Catholic University in English Literature.


ZOň JOHNSON, Climate Policy and Planning
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Jackie Koehn

JACKIE KOEHN, Conservation Associate
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Jackie assists the Shoreline Conservation Program with data collection, field inspections, permit applications, compiling reports, and other duties. She also provides technical assistance and project management to community restoration and natural filters projects. Jackie holds an M.S. in Earth and Environmental Resource Management from University of South Carolina and a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Elon University.

Sasha Land

SASHA LAND, Coastal Training Program Coordinator
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Sasha is responsible for running and coordinating the Coastal Training Program for the Reserve. She provides science based knowledge to community leaders and decision makers through workshops and other trainings. Sasha holds a B.A. in Biology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Sarah Lane

SARAH LANE, Implementation Program Analyst
Restoration Finance and Policy

Sarah is the principal technical and program specialist for watershed restoration programs. She evaluates policy, legislation and program effectiveness, coordinates research and reporting of data related to the State’s Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. Sarah plans, researches and directs the development of water quality restoration measures and serves as liaison with regional technical teams. Additionally, Sarah administers Innovative Technology Grants, designed to promote investments in technologies that could accelerate Bay restoration efforts.

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DIANE LEASON, Faculty Research Assistant
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Diane is working with CBNERR and the University of Maryland on a project examining methods that will help communities increase their resilience in the face of rising sea levels.

Catherine Mccall

CATHERINE McCALL, Coastal and Marine Assessment Division Director
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Catherine directs program development and service delivery efforts related to aquatic and coastal habitat assessment and conservation; compatible uses of the State’s coastal and ocean environments; supports coastal communities’ efforts to prepare for the impacts coastal hazards; and uses spatial planning techniques to help inform resource management decisions including offshore wind energy. She is currently the Acting Manager of the State’s Research Reserve Program.

Erin McLaughlin

ERIN McLAUGHLIN, Restoration Ecologist
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Erin is the technical lead for restoration project development and implementation. She works with private landowners, local governments, and non-governmentatl organizations to restore and enhance Maryland's wetland and stream habitats. Erin helps to identify restoration opportunities, provides technical assistance, oversees project management, and leads restoration monitoring efforts.


SIOBHAN PERCEY, Coastal Training Program Assistant
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Siobhan assists the Coastal Training Program which provides science-based knowledge to community leaders and decision makers through skills-based training and other support. She is originally from rural Pennsylvania & earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Cindy Powell

CINDY POWELL, Geographic Information and Analysis
Geospatial Information and Analysis

Cindy provides geographic information system (GIS) support related to Maryland’s natural resources. She helps develop and administer GIS mapping and analyzes GIS data to assist other units in the development and maintenance of geographic databases. Cindy holds a B.A. in Geology from Franklin & Marshall College and an M.S. in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Maryland.

Stanley Pratt

STANLEY PRATT, Administrative Officer
Management Services

Stanley monitors and approves expenditures for the Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant (CBIG), Trust Fund Capital, Shore Erosion Control, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Grant/Bishopsville by overseeing the awarded budgets, spending schedules, and project contract budgets. In addition, Stanley works with other fiscal staff on the development of plans and procedures to improve operations for management of the federal grants.

Jenn Raulin

JENN RAULIN, Reserve Manager
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Jenn manages and directs the implementation of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maryland and works to advance coastal management practices with Reserve partners and at the individual sites. She previously worked with CCS in managing the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund. Jenn holds a M.A. in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami.

Tony Redman

TONY REDMAN, Environmental Specialist
Restoration, Finance and Policy

Tony coordinates reviews of Development projects and Major Bridge and Highway improvement projects to identify environmental impacts and to provide recommendations to avoid, minimize or mitigate impacts to aquatic and terrestrial habitats. His work involves assuring coordination among various departmental units including biologists, fisheries management personnel, foresters, and park and wildlife management area administrators to secure consensus in consolidating reviews. Tony also coordinates preparation of Watershed Ecosystem Management Plans, supports development of stream restoration policy and review standards, and manages special projects on an as needed basis.

Shawn Ryan

SHAWN RYAN, Water Resources Engineer
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Gwynne Schultz

GWYNNE SCHULTZ, Senior Policy Advisor


Gwynne is actively involved in ocean and coastal policy development and collaborates with federal, state, regional and local agencies and stakeholders on a variety of issues including ocean planning and offshore wind energy development. She led Maryland’s efforts to establish the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) and is currently the Chair of the MARCO Management Board and the State Co-Lead for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body. Gwynne has represented Maryland on the Coastal States Organization since 1995 and is currently a member of the Executive Committee representing the Mid-Atlantic region. She also represents the State on the Maryland Coastal Bays Program Foundation Board of Directors.

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CATHERINE SHANKS, Senior Policy Advisor



MARTHA SHAUM, Angler Education Coordinator
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Martha is the Angler Education Coordinator and is responsible for the Hooked on Fishing day programs, tackle and kit loaner program, and the adult angler education program. She also runs the Sunfish and Students program, writes lesson plans for fisheries related curricula and is a team leader for the Invasive Species project.

Trystan Sill

TRYSTAN SILL, Education Assistant
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Trystan supports the CBNERR_MD Education Coordinator and leads the Teen Paddle Program, focused on building watershed stewardship in adolescents. She is dedicated to communicating scientific research to the public. Trystan holds an M.A. in Conservation Biology from Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand.

Kate Scaggs

KATE SKAGGS, CoastSmart Communities Planner
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Kate leads CCS's efforts to provide technical assistance to local communities throughout the coastal zone to incorporate coastal hazards and sea level rise adaptation into local planning and management efforts.

Britt Slattery

BRITT SLATTERY, Director of Conservation Education and Stewardship
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Britt Slattery supervises the Aquatic Resources Education program and Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve’s education program, leads the DNR-wide team of education and outreach staff, and coordinates the Governor’s Maryland Partnership for Children In Nature. She authored and illustrated instructional guides for a variety of audiences, trained thousands of educators and other adults, and has a long history of speaking to citizen and professional groups about Environmental Education. Britt holds a degree in biology from the University of Virginia.

Kevin Smith

KEVIN SMITH, Habitat Restoration and Conservation Division Director
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Kevin is the director of the Habitat Restoration and Conservation division. He works with counties, municipalities, and private property owners to enhance and restore riparian and aquatic habitat along with improving water quality.

Chris Snow

CHRIS SNOW, Stewardship Coordinator
Coastal and Marine Assessment

Chris is responsible for CBNERR-MD restoration and protection (including land acquisition), land use and habitat mapping, and volunteer coordination. His restoration experience includes marsh and shoreline restoration, oyster reef construction, habitat manipulation for upland game and prescribed burning. Chris holds an M.A. in Biology from Angelo State University in Texas.

Phillip Stafford

PHILLIP STAFFORD, Coastal Policy Specialist
Restoration Financing and Policy

Phillip coordinates the Watershed Assistance Collaborative, which includes participating members The Chesapeake Bay Trust, UMD Sea Grant Extension, UMD Environmental Finance Center, and DNRís Coastal Training Program. The WAC works to provide services and technical assistance to local governments to advance implementation projects as well as leverage funds to provide coordinated capacity building opportunities to local implementers.

Bhask Subramanian

BHASKARAN SUBRAMANIAN, Ph.D., Shoreline Conservation Section Chief
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Bhaskar manages the Shoreline Conservation Services’ zero-interest loan program and innovative living shoreline projects in an effort to advance the science of shoreline restoration. He assists the Coastal Training Program (CTP) Coordinator in creating agenda and conducting living shorelines workshops for various stakeholders. Bhaskar also coordinates with federal, state, and local governments on efforts to create and/or restore habitats and the knowledge-base associated.

Amanda Sullivan

AMANDA D. SULLIVAN, Conservation Education Assistant
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Amanda works with local teachers involved in the Raising Horseshoe Crabs in the Classroom program.  She is also involved with Envirothon and professional development series.  Amanda is a former middle school science teacher and wilderness outdoor leadership programs instructor with a B.A. in Biology and M.A. in Teaching.

Coreen Weilminster

COREEN WEILMINSTER, Education Coordinator, Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Conservation Education and Stewardship / Environmental Literacy

Coreen is responsible for the Reserve’s Education Program. The education programs provide field experiences for students (pre-school through college), educators and public audiences. She has served on the Board of Director for the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) since 2001, and is the 2011 & 2012 Board President. Coreen holds an M.A. in Environmental Studies finished from Montclair State University.

ken Yetman

KEN YETMAN, Watershed Characterization Section Chief
Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Ken has over 33 years experience as an Aquatic Ecologist working in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Ken is the creator of the Maryland Stream Corridor Assessment Survey which is used to identify the location of a variety of environmental problems so restoration efforts can be better targeted. Over the past decade, Ken has overseen the survey of over 6,000 miles of Maryland streams and the results have been used to target million of dollars of restoration work. Ken has published his protocols and similar surveys have been done both in other States and other Countries. Ken presently is working to reduce sediment and nutrients from State Lands as part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan. Ken received his Masters Degree in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina and a BS degree from Farleigh Dickinson University.

Laura Younger

LAURA YOUNGER, Program Administrator
Management Services

Laura administers grant funds received from the federal government and grants or contracts awarded to local coastal jurisdictions or private entities. She prepares and submits grant applications and reports. Laura assists the Program Director and staff in tracking projects and grants, developing budgets, monitoring expenditures, and streamlining grants management.