Children in Nature - Natural Play Spaces

Elements of a Natural Play Space


Physically-challenging Nature Play Spaces provide opportunities for adventure.

  • Climbing
  • Balancing
  • Exploring

“Walks” are for adults; “Adventures” are for children.

- Sobel, David; Childhood and Nature: Design Principles (or Play Motifs) For Educators, Stenhouse Publishing; Portland, ME; 2008

Montessori School of Northern Virginia, compliments of early Space, LLC
A variety of spaces and activities create a sense of adventure.

Montessori School of Northern Virginia
Photo compliments of Early Space, LLC

Outdoor Classroom also serves as a balancing and jumping area.

Play and Learn Annapolis
Anne Arundel County

Structures such as stages can provide climbing challenges.


Photo compliments of Krisna Becker.

Getting dirty is it’s own adventure.


Greenbrier State Park
Washington County


Play and Learn Annapolis
Anne Arundel County


Brookside Nature Center
Montgomery County