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Mid-Atlantic Climbers (MAC) Volunteers at Rocks State ParkRocks State Park - Natural Play Space

This nature play space is located in the Rock Ridge picnic area of Rocks State Park, near the “King and Queen Seat”, a rock outcrop believed to be a ceremonial gathering place of the Susquehannock Indians. This play space will challenge the physical and creative side of visitors with miniature representations of the Parks unique assets.

A miniature rock climbing area, called the “Prince and Princess seat” allows for rock climbing and jumping on a kids size scale, while a digging area “Deer Creek Beach” represents the river’s edge. Other fun features include a private seating area, surrounded by a bamboo fence, an oversized bird’s nest, stump jumps, balancing logs and hollowed out logs for climbing through. Future plans include a small trail from the site, leading to an area where kids can “boulder” like the big kids on a smaller rock formation, as well as a water feature and more!

The play space was designed by park staff and installed with the help from Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps and a local Rock Climbing Club that frequently visits the park.


Our Partners

  • Maryland Conservation Job Corps (CJC)
  • Mid-Atlantic Climbers (MAC)