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Outdoor Activities for Children

I-Stock Photo reads: Ice Candles

You will need:

  • A plastic container like a margarine container or small plastic beach bucket.
  • A tin can that will fit inside the plastic container
  • Rocks or something to weigh down the can
  • Stick and tape
  • Water
  • Tea candle
  • What to do:

  • Fill the larger container with water
  • Put the can in the center of the container and weigh it down with rocks so that it almost sinks.
    To keep the can in the center, place the stick across the container and tape the can to it.
  • If it is cold enough, you can put the container outside to freeze. Otherwise, put it in the freezer. Leave it until the water is frozen solid.
  • Once it is solid, remove the can by putting warm water in it until it can be loosened. Then remove the block of ice from the container by running warm water over the container.
  • Put the tea candle inside where the can used to be. If you make several ice candles, you can use them to line your front sidewalk on a dark winter evening.
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