Children in Nature - Natural Play Spaces

Elements of a Natural Play Space

Examples of Climbing Activities

Howard Nature Conservancy Natural Play Space

Children enjoy climbing in a safe, natural play space.

Howard Nature Conservancy
Howard County

New mushrooms carved from wood at Greenbriar State Park

Carved wooden mushrooms are great for climbing.

Greenbriar State Park
Frederick & Washington Counties

Temporary displays can be a challenge too.

Photo courtesy of Parks and People Foundation


A downed tree can teach love of nature and be used for climbing.

Irvine Nature Center
Baltimore County


Some structural features can serve as climbing activities as well.

Incorporate both live and downed trees.

Boulders can be irresistible.

Play and Learn Annapolis
Anne Arundel County


An obstacle is fun to climb over.

Play and Learn Annapolis
Anne Arundel County


Tree stumps provide a climbing challenge.

Brookside Nature Center
Montgomery County


Stages can also be used for climbing & jumping.

Assateague State Park
Worcester County