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The shallow waters of Maryland's coastal bays have historically supported large populations of juvenile finfish and shellfish; adults of many species of fish are also seasonally common. Atlantic croaker, bluefish, spot, summer flounder, weakfish, shark, blue crab and hard clam are important both recreational and commercial species which use habitats of the coastal bays. Over 115 species of finfish, 17 species of mollusks, 23 species of crustaceans and countless foraging/grazing organisms frequent these bays. Since 1972, Maryland's Department of Natural Resources has sampled the coastal bays, supplying data for environmental reviews and resource management.
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Fishery Management Plans for the Coastal Bays

  • Blue Crabs - completed September 2001

  • Hard Clams - completed February 2002

Maryland Coastal Bays Water-Use Assessment: Understanding Users' Behaviors, Attitudes and Perceptions, Summary of Findings.  J.M. Falk and P.C. Germer.  2002.

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