"The programs, activities and services of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources are as varied as our state's landscapes and waterways, and as diverse as the more than 5.2 million people who call Maryland home. As disparate as our endeavors sometimes seem, they are all connected by the big picture - the overall mission that embodies our commitment to the people and the resources we serve." (Maryland Department of Natural Resources 2001 Annual Report)

One of the eight goals that are part of DNR's mission is to support 'sustainable populations of living resources and healthy ecosystems' such as those found in the coastal bays ecosystem.  The following is just a sampling of DNR programs and activities working towards restoration and protection in the coastal bays. More information on these programs and others can be found throughout the DNR website.

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  • In 1999, the Maryland Coastal Bays Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan, was signed by former Gov. Parris Glendening, the Worcester County Commissioners, the EPA and the mayors of Ocean City and Berlin.  The plan specifies management goals and strategies for protecting the coastal bays, including many actions relevant to water quality and living resource protection. DNR is a key partner in implementing the actions in the plan.

  • Fifty-eight watersheds in Maryland need restoration according to the 1998 Clean Water Action Plan.  Among these is the Isle of Wight watershed (view the Isle of Wight Watershed Characterization Report).  Find out more about the strategies being designed to restore and protect these watersheds. Watershed Restoration Action Strategies (WRAS)

  • Maryland's Clean Water Action Plan:   The 'Final 1998 Report on Unified Watershed Assessment, Watershed Prioritization and Plans for Restoration Action Strategies.' The Clean Water Action Plan addresses all aspects of watershed condition: water quality, including public health issues; aquatic living resources; physical habitat and the landscape.

  • In 1978, Marylandís Coastal Program was enacted as a means to facilitate proper management of coastal resources among federal, state, and local authorities, and interested stakeholders. Activities of the stateís Coastal Program include shoreline erosion control, watershed restoration, nonpoint source management, and ensuring public access to coastal areas.

  • The Greenways and Blueways Commission attempts to preserve a network of natural corridors connecting open spaces throughout Maryland.

  • Habitat for Wildlife: MD DNR program to enhance wildlife habitat in your backyard.

  • The Surf Your Watershed project is a cooperative effort involving the Maryland Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources to "catalog" important environmental, socioeconomic, and programmatic information on a watershed basis.

  • Coastal Bays Publications lists DNR reports focused on resources in the coastal bays ecosystem.

  • Coastal Bays Projects provides a summary of current DNR research initiatives, activities and special projects.

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