Water Use Plan Development

The purpose of DNR Coastal Bays Water-Use Management Plan Workgroup is to develop a management plan specific to the water surface, water column, and submerged lands to focus the Departmentís activities and responsibilities in the Coastal Bays which are consistent with the Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan to maximize recreational and economic benefits derived from their use while maintaining and enhancing sustainability of natural resources.

The DNR Coastal Bays Water-Use Management Plan is intended to include preferred management strategies and recommendations for implementation. The following groups have been working on key issues related to the water-use management plan:

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  • Fishery Management Plan Development: Initiated the Fishery Advisory Committee which was the first step in the CCMP. This group has been meeting since October 21, 1999. Their purpose is to advise the Department on fishery related management issues, including the development and implementation of the Departmentís Coastal Bays Water-Use Management Plan. Developed draft Blue Crab Fisheries Management Plan for the coastal bays.

  • Sensitive Area Identification: Began meeting on September 24, 1999. Some of the issues which have been discussed by the Task Group include: how sensitive areas related to habitat and natural resources; developing a matrix to weight areas for importance; working with SAV groups.

  • Navigation and Dredging Advisory Group: First meeting was on September 30, 1999. The purpose of this group is to develop a master navigation and dredging plan that will identify adverse effects on the environment and enhance the water based experience in the Coastal Bays

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