Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring  Site 11 - Bishopville Boat Landing
Site Characteristics
This site is on the St. Martin River and has been monitored by Mike Evans since August 1997 and Hobie Kernan between August 1997 and September 1998.

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a photo of site 11Site Name: Site 11 Shell Mill Road Boat Ramp Bishopville MD

Monitor (s): Mike Evans
                     Hobie Kernan

Is the site on Private or Public owned property? Public

Estimated width of body of water:  200 Feet


a photo of Mike Evans, one of the Monitors for Site 11Estimated average depth of water in area: 3 Feet

Shoreline Characteristics: Vegetated with some homes to water=s edge

Land Activities nearby (industry, farming, urban, etc): Farming

Other: Bishopville prong of the St. Martin River.

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