Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring  Site 18 - Figgs Landing
Site Characteristics
This site is on Chincoteague Bay and has been monitored by Alice Tweedy between August 1997 and August 1999 and by Jeff Figgs since September 1999.

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Site Name: #18, Figgs Landing

Monitor (s): Alice Tweedy
                    Jeff Figgs

Date (s): 8/1/97-8/8/98
               8/16/98 to present

Is the site on Private or Public owned property? Private

Estimated width of body of water: 5 miles

Estimated average depth of water in area: 2 2 to 3 feet

Shoreline Characteristics: Bulkheads - sand - nearby rip rap and beach sand.

Land Activities nearby (industry, farming, urban, etc): Farming - corn / soybeans. Residential grass - no pesticides - no fertilizer used.

MCBP Volunteer Questionnaire

Name: Alice Tweedy

Site#: 18

Location of Site: Figgs Landing

Occupation: Retired

Interests and Hobbies: Skiing, Sailing, Camping, Gardening, and Historic Preservation.

Spouse? Children?: Yes, 2 Children (Living elsewhere)

How long have you lived near the Coastal Bays? Eight years

If you moved to the area, why did you decide to move? To live on the "water" - - Be near an outer beach.

What did you enjoy most about the Coastal Bay (Fishing, Swimming, Boating, etc.) All

What do you like least about the Coastal Bays? Nothing

What related experience do you bring to the program? Biology Major

Why did you decide to become a volunteer monitor? Interest in protecting the bays.

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