Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Site 23 - Trappe Creek
Site Characteristics
This site is on Newport Bay and was monitored by Joan Hersey between August 1997 and March 1999 and Tess Foster between August 1997 and August 1998. 
This site is currently not monitored.

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Site Name: # 23, Trappe Creek

Monitor (s):  Joan Hersey
                      Tess Foster

Date (s): 9/28/97 to Present
               9/28/97 to ?/98

Is the site on Private or Public owned property?  A public bridge surrounded by private property.

Directions to site:  Route 376 - Trappe Creek Bridge

Estimated width of body of water:  20 Yards

Estimated average depth of water in area: 2 and 2 feet

Shoreline Characteristics: Wooded and Shrubs. etc.

Land Activities nearby (industry, farming, urban, etc): Corn field, a small deli store, and a Residential dwelling.

MCBP Volunteer Questionnaire

Name: Joan Hersey

Site#: 23
Site Name:
Trappe Creek

Location of Site: Berlin

Occupation: Yoga Practitioner and Instructor; writer Interests and Hobbies: Ecology, Economics, Earth Changes, People, Deep release of tension through stretches, dancing music

Spouse? Children?: neither

How long have you lived near the Coastal Bays? 3 years

If you moved to the area, why did you decide to move? To write about events and issues.

What do you enjoy most about the Coastal Bay (Fishing, Swimming, Boating, etc.)?   The beauties, Wading on a sandy beach and strolling.

What do you like least about the Coastal Bays? Dead end canals and other constructs that prevent natural processes from co-existing easily with human habitations.

What related experience do you bring to the program? Eco-Yoga, Liberal Arts University Education.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer monitor? I love being able to participate in ventures that support and protect ecology.

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