Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Site 3 - Ocean Pines, White Horse Park
Site Characteristics
This site is in the St. Martin River and was monitored by
George Seymore from August 1997 through April 1999.

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photo of George SeymoreSite Name:  White Horse Park - St. Martin's River, Ocean Pines (Site #3)

Monitor: George Seymore

Date (s): 8/97 - Present

Is the site on Private or Public owned property? Private

Estimated width of body of water: 2 mile

Estimated average depth of water in area: 1 to 1 and 1/2 meters.

Shoreline Characteristics: Marsh - Boat Launching Ramp adjacent to pier and boat docks.

Land Activities nearby (industry, farming, urban, etc): White Horse Park is a Trailer/campground.

Directions to site:  Take Route 589 to Beuchamp Road. Turn right on Beuchamp and go to the end of the road. Turn left into White Horse Park. Go to the pier (covered pavilion) Site is at the end of the pier.

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