Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Site 4 - Green Creek
Site Characteristics

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This site is in Sinepuxent Bay and was monitored by Chris Wade and Hollis Martin between August 1997 and 1998.

Site Name: #4 Green Creek

Monitor (s): Hollis Martin         
                    Chris Wade

Date (s): 12/13/97 to ?/98

Is the site on Private or Public owned property? Private (but may be public at water=s edge?)

Estimated width of body of water: 30 feet

Estimated average depth of water in area: between 4 and 5 feet

Shoreline Characteristics: Wetland and Marsh - sometimes slightly flooded, difficult sometimes area at high tides. A lot of birds: Hawks, Cranes, Gulls, etc.

Land Activities nearby (industry, farming, urban, etc): Extends from Ocean City Golf, adjoins Tom Patton=s homesite. Docks and Urban housing sparsely surrounds. (Marsh and Wetland (Large Area)

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