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If you have a website and our content is of value to your site, you may link to any page on the DNR Online website. Our content is now being reviewed at a minimum of at least once a year and links should be active during that period. Please note that you should check the link to ensure that it is live and DNR Online will not be responsible for informing you that the link address has changed or the page has been removed. If your organization's policy does not allow you to link directly to us, you have some alternatives. You may post text from our site on yours, but you cannot copy the page layout and design. You cannot charge your users for the information and you MUST GIVE THE FOLLOWING CREDIT:

"This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources."

If you want to use photos or artwork from DNR Online you must make a specific request for the specific art and the url of it's location. If DNR Online owns the rights you will be given written permission to use the photo as long as you give DNR Online the following credit:

"Photo courtesy of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources."

If DNR Online does not own the photos/art, we will refer you to the copyright holder. Email content requests to

New Media Partner Information

Thank you for your interest in the Maryland Department of Natural Resource's New Media Partner Program. We hope you choose to join the hundreds of businesses and people who are helping us to spread the word about Maryland's natural resources. DNR Online was the first Maryland State department to go online back in 1995 and over the past three years we have built a webpresence with the help of our staff and valuable input from the public and web savvy people such as yourself. Our Internet presence has been built with the focus of expanding service to the public and saving money.

Today hundreds of websites of media, businesses and individuals link to our home page or to content areas within our website. Those who provide those links do a service for all people. They help to create a distribution channel for information about one of the best and most affordable (sometimes free) products around....Maryland's Natural Resources. We call these people who provide links to the DNR Online or content areas within our website our New Media Partners.

We want to make your jobs easier by providing you with the HTML code and FREE customized buttons you may use on your website to link to the areas you feel your website/webpage visitors would enjoy. On this page you will find the HTML code for using the buttons and/or for using straight copy as a link to our content. Feel free to use any or all of the material on this page.

Please send an email to with your name, address, phone, website address and email address. We will log you as an official New Media Partner and make special offers available to you several times throughout the year. If you have any questions or problems with the links and/or artwork, please email Anthony Burrows.

You are helping DNR, enhancing the content on your website and helping those people who are out on the net find a treasure on the net.......that's DNR Online.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gene Deems
DNR Internet and Information Technology Manager