Photographs of DNR employees from all walks of life.

The products and services of any business are only as good as
the people who support them. At DNR, more than 1,600 professionals
-- accountants, administrators, assistants, biologists, ecologists, engineers,
foresters, geologists, law enforcement officers, planners, technicians
and others – are committed to a job well done, to Maryland’s
citizens and the natural and living resources that make Maryland unique.
After all, we’re Marylanders too.

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WORKING TOGETHER: Promoting Cultural Diversity
Under Governor Glendening’s leadership, in a continuing, long-term effort to attract a more diverse work force to the department and careers in natural resources, DNR expanded its focus and resources supporting existing diversity initiatives. In FY ‘01...
  • DNR’s internship program expanded to include high school students, providing greater opportunity to influence career choices of minority students. The program sponsored 34 students for summer 2000.
  • To better organize the department’s diversity efforts, an Equal Opportunity Outreach Coordinator position was created and filled.
  • New contacts were established with both public and private sectors to assist the department in diversifying its employee base. These include new or expanded relationships with: The Maryland Legislative Black Caucus; Minorities in Natural Resources Committee of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife; Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences; National Society of Black Engineers; and department chairpersons, career centers and contacts at historically black colleges and universities.
  • The employee recruitment process was streamlined to make hiring more customer friendly.
  • A Cultural Sharing Committee was created to recognize and celebrate the diversity of cultures and experiences of the DNR workforce, with cultural events and learning opportunities.

“In listening to the staff presentations, it was immediately apparent that these are people who love what they do. Seeing first hand how dedicated they are makes me glad I live in Maryland, and that they are the professionals caring for my resources.”
Site Visit Auditor
Governor’s Performance Excellence Assessment Program
September 1999

Professional Development
  • The Ecosystem-Based Management course, a partnership between DNR and the University of Maryland has been offered for three consecutive years, training nearly 100 state employees and university students. Participants have found the training an invaluable tool in understanding the broad scope of the department’s work and in learning to work in an interdisciplinary setting to achieve ecosystem-based management.
  • Through the generosity of the Widgeon Foundation, Inc., 22 DNR employees attended the Community Systems’ Grant Writing Workshop, which provided participants with a comprehensive approach to successful grant writing from conception to completion.
  • During FY ‘00 and ‘01, 100 DNR employees successfully completed an intensive four-day supervisors training workshop. The training teaches participants how to become more effective supervisors and offers sessions on communication and leadership skills.
  • Together with the Department of Interior and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), DNR developed a course to qualify students for employment as law enforcement commissioned officers in federal and state natural resource agencies. This program will help ensure a qualified pool of minority and women applicants to increase diversity.
Performance & Productivity
  • In 2000, DNR’s Planning Performance and Evaluation (PPE) and Pay for Performance system entered its second full year. Each employee’s personal performance objectives are now being tied to DNR’s Managing for Results (MFR) goals.
  • As part of DNR’s Continuous Quality Improvement initiative, the Department applied for the U.S. Senate Productivity Award in 2000. DNR was the only state agency recognized by the program, receiving a bronze award.
  • In an effort to ease traffic congestion and air pollution, the 1999 General Assembly passed a teleworking initiative requiring state government agencies to have 10 percent of eligible employees teleworking four days per month. To meet this mandate, DNR implemented a pilot program and is currently developing training to provide teleworking information and assistance for employees and supervisors.
Health and Well-Being
  • To promote overall employee wellness, in FY ‘01 DNR introduced HealthWORKS, a program designed to help employees become more aware about the choices they need to make in order to lead healthier, happier lives. Also in FY ‘01, a record number of employees attended DNR’s annual Health Fair for the opportunity to have cholesterol and body fat checked by medical volunteers and receive information from medical care providers about preventative care for cancer, diabetes and other life threatening illnesses.
Giving Back
  • In a long-standing tradition of giving back -- generously -- to Maryland communities, DNR employees: supported DNR’s Adopt a School Program participating in Read Across America, acting as Science Fair judges, and assisting students in numerous special projects at in Germantown and Mills-Parole Elementary Schools in Annapolis; participated in four blood drives for donations to the Central Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross; and pledged more than $62,000 to the Maryland Charity Campaign, exceeding its goal.

“Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except the best.”
Henry Van Dyke American Author

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