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Maryland State Parks Receive $17,443 Through Odwalla Plant A Tree Program

Maryland Finishes in Third Place behind Michigan, Pennsylvania

Annapolis, Md. (January 27, 2011) —The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Maryland Parks Service (MPS) will receive $17,443 for planting trees in Maryland State Parks after finishing in third place in the Odwalla Plant A Tree program. From May 25 through December 31, 2010, Maryland competed for tree-planting funds through the program, a partnership between Odwalla, MPS and the 49 other states. The program was designed to build stewardship, raise awareness and earn money for important reforestation and planting initiatives.

“This is a tremendous win for Maryland State Parks and for all Maryland citizens, who will enjoy the benefits of more trees in our State,” said DNR Secretary John Griffin. “We are grateful for the efforts of Odwalla to raise awareness about the importance of trees and for everyone who helped achieve this terrific success.”

Marylanders voted by planting virtual trees on the Odwalla website, and the company donated $1.00 per tree to MPS. Governor Martin O’Malley was among citizens who planted trees last year, seen here casting his vote at the Maryland State Fair. Through the contest, a total of 200,000 virtual trees were planted in states across the country; Maryland came in third place with 17,443 trees planted, behind Pennsylvania (second place with 30,656 trees) and Michigan (first place with 46,124 trees). All 50 states competed in the program in 2010, an expansion from only 11 participating states in 2009.

To go beyond the virtual world, Marylanders are encouraged to plant real trees through the Marylanders Plant Trees program. Launched in April 2009 in cooperation with participating nurseries, Marylanders Plant Trees continues to offer $25 coupons toward the purchase of native trees costing $50 or more, redeemable at nearly 70 nurseries across the State. Marylanders who register their trees will not only be eligible for prizes, but they will be able to see the environmental benefits of their trees through interactive maps and charts. For more information about the program, go to

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   January 27, 2011

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