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DNR Proposes To Suspend Fishing Privileges Of 60 Recreational Anglers

Ridge, Md. (September 13, 2011) — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has proposed to suspend the fishing privileges of 60 recreational fisherman for violating Maryland’s fisheries laws.

“These are acts that violate the public’s trust,” said DNR Secretary John Griffin. “These suspensions serve as a warning to any would-be violators that we take any disregard for the laws that protect our fisheries very seriously.”

The suspensions were proposed due to violations which include taking fish during closed seasons, taking fish during spawning seasons, taking fish in closed areas, exceeding daily catch limits and possession of female crabs.

Recreational fisherman who commit violations are eligible for suspensions ranging from 30 to 365 days, which become effective 30 days after the notice is mailed. All individuals have the opportunity to request an administrative hearing in front of an administrative law judge regarding their suspensions, which may result in the lessening or the elimination of the suspension. The judge may also uphold the Department’s suspension. In this case, the suspension would not become effective until after the hearing.

Over the past few years, DNR has ramped up its enforcement and penalties of Maryland’s commercial and recreational fisheries regulations to maintain sustainable fisheries and better serve the citizens and businesses that rely on them to make a living.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources was given the power to suspend or revoke recreational fishing licenses with the passing of SB 164 in 2009 (Maryland Law Chapter 207, 2009).

The current regulations regarding the suspension and revocation of recreational fishing licenses can be found

   September 13, 2011

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