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DNR Announces Deer Season Harvest for 2011-12

Annapolis, Md. (February 8, 2012) ─ Maryland deer hunters harvested 98,029 deer during the 2011-2012 bow, muzzleloader and firearm seasons combined. This figure is similar to last year’s harvest of 98,663 deer. The antlered harvest increased 3 percent to 34,416 this year, while the antlerless harvest declined 3 percent to 63,613 deer. The harvest totals include 2,657 sika deer; a 4 percent decrease from last year’s total for this species.

“Deer harvest results this year were the fourth highest on record and similar to last year,” said DNR’s Deer Project Leader Brian Eyler. “All data indicate that we have a healthy and abundant deer herd in most areas. Hunters are becoming very aware that putting venison on the table provides an excellent source of healthy and sustainable food while contributing to the overall management of these species.”

In Deer Management Region A ─ Garrett, Allegany, and western Washington counties ─ hunters reported taking 10,358 deer this year, up 11 percent from 2010-11. The antlered harvest increased 8 percent to 5,827 this year, and the antlerless harvest increased 16 percent to 4,531.

The reported harvest in the remainder of the State, Region B, declined 2 percent to 87,671 deer this year. While the antlered harvest increased 2 percent to 28,589 deer this year, the antlerless harvest decreased 4 percent to 59,082 deer.

Frederick County once again led the harvest totals for the State with 8,378 deer, followed by Baltimore County with 6,804 and Washington County with 6,753 deer.

Sunday deer hunting continues to help deer management in Maryland. The Junior Deer Hunt, traditionally held on a Saturday, included the following Sunday in 20 of 23 counties for the first time this year. Sunday hunting accounted for a total of 6,278 deer, 6 percent of the 2011-12 harvest. 

Click here for 2010-11 and 2011-12 deer harvest results by county.

   February 8, 2012

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