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Other Water Chemistry Resources

  • Investigating Water Quality - Chemical Water Sampling Tests from The Global Water Sampling Project – background information, testing procedures, and expected test result ranges for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates, biological oxygen demand, carbon dioxide, turbidity, coliform bacteria, and macroinvertebrates.

  • World Water Monitoring Challenge – Includes guides, lesson plans and data sheets from Project WET on water quality testing and monitoring. See the links provided under Biological Assessment – these include chemical testing as well.

  • Montgomery County Public Schools Stream / Pond Study: Students investigate the local watershed and work in groups to assess the health of a nearby stream or pond using various indicators. Stream study lesson plan, data collection sheet (includes chemical and physical parameters), and macroinvertebrate identification key from Save Our Streams.

  • Healthy Water, Healthy People: an innovative water quality education program from Project WET offering hands-on activities, an Educator’s Guide, testing kits, a field water monitoring guide, training, and more. MD Department of Natural Resources offers teacher workshops, and has aligned these materials to Maryland State Curriculum requirements.