Sunfish and Students - Raising Bluegills in the Classroom

Bluegills are a type of small, native sunfish found everywhere in Maryland - ponds, lakes, even tributaries of the Bay. They can be used to make a direct connection for students or visitors between their own watershed and the health of the rivers and Bay.

Environmental Literacy Correlations - IconThis program is open to classroom teachers or outdoor/nature centers. DNR supplies everything – equipment, fish, and food. A teachers’ manual is also provided which includes information on aquarium set-up and maintenance, care and feeding of the fish, background information, and lesson plans. All lessons are correlated to the Maryland State Curriculum and Environmental Literacy standards.

Participants receive the equipment and fish at a workshop held in Annapolis in the fall. In the spring, the fish are either returned to DNR or are released as part of a DNR coordinated release event.

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Environmental Literacy

Environmental Literacy Correlations - Icon
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