Town Creek Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas

Located in Allegany County

Town CreekOwner - The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas lie within the Green Ridge State Forest.

History - The Town Creek Watershed lies within the States of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The watershed is 84% forested, and has federal, state, county, and privately owned lands. Thanks to the efforts of the Town Creek Ecosystem Management Project, a public/private partnership dedicated to responsible stewardship, this stream is one of the most pristine streams in the Ridge and Valley province in Maryland.

Physical/ Habitat Description - Town Creek enters Maryland at an elevation of 900 foot and drops 360 foot during its 30-mile journey to the Potomac River. Stream gradient is rather low, averaging about 12 foot per mile. Town Creek consists of relative large pool areas connected by productive riffle areas. The average width of the stream is about 50 ft. The stream bottom consists primarily of cobble and scoured bedrock. Stream temperatures limit trout survival during the summer, so trout management is limited to the spring, fall, and winter months. Aquatic insect hatches are very prolific, and late winter stoneflies hatches can provide fantastic early season dry-fly fishing. 

Fish Species - The Town Creek Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas receive annual spring and fall stockings of adult brown and rainbow trout, and many of these fish are trophy-size. The Nemacolin Chapter of Trout Unlimited assists with float-stocking the stream, providing good fishing throughout the Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas. Smallmouth bass, rock bass, and redbreast sunfish provide fishing opportunities especially during the summer months.

Restrictions - The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area management scheme includes a Catch and Release Season from October 1 through June 15 when anglers may use Artificial Lures or Flies Only. Anglers may harvest five trout per day from June 16 through September 30 and there are no bait or tackle restrictions. Please consult the Maryland Freshwater Sportfishing Guide for complete details.

Directions - From I-68 take Route 51 South at Cumberland for about 18.5 miles to Lower Town Creek Road and turn left. Continue 2.5 miles on Lower Town Creek Road and turn right onto Maniford Road. Proceed to the State Forest parking area on the right. The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area starts at a red post upstream of the parking area and continues downstream 1.75 miles to another red post. To access the upper area, continue on Lower Town Creek Road past Maniford Road about one mile to a low water crossing. The lower boundary starts just upstream and is marked by a red post, and there is limited parking at this site. To access farther upstream, exercise extreme caution when fording the stream by vehicle. Continue 0.5 miles to a yellow pole gate on the left, park and walk to the stream. Red posts mark the boundaries of both Delayed Harvest Areas.

Contact Us - Comments and questions regarding fishing Town Creek can be directed to:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fisheries Service
1728 Kings Run Road, Oakland M.D. 21550
301-334-8218 or