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06.19.2018 - Freshwater Fisheries Freshwater_Monthly_Report_May_2018.pdfMay Monthly Report. 
05.03.2018 - Freshwater Fisheries Freshwater_Monthly_Report_April_2018_final.pdfApril Monthly Report. 

Missions of the Freshwater Fisheries Program

  • Develop a management framework for the conservation and equitable use of freshwater fishery resources.
  • Manage freshwater fisheries in balance with the ecosystem for present and future generations.
  • Monitor and assess the status and trends of freshwater fisheries resources.
  • Provide high quality, diverse, accessible fishing opportunities in inland waters.

About Freshwater Fisheries Program

Freshwater fishery management is focused on tidal and non-tidal freshwater fisheries. This includes the management of impoundments (lakes, reservoirs, and ponds), coldwater streams, warm-water streams and rivers, and tidal freshwater streams. Management objectives include:

  1. protection, restoration and expansion of fish habitat,
  2. enhancement of sport fish populations,
  3. stocking to improve angling opportunities,
  4. invasive species management, and
  5. maintenance and creation of public access.

Freshwater fisheries management focuses on: largemouth and smallmouth bass, sunfish, crappie (white and black), channel catfish, chain pickerel (pike), muskellunge/tiger muskie, northern pike, walleye, and trout. Invasive species management primarily includes minimizing impacts of blue catfish, flathead catfish, and northern snakehead. Management strategies are based on a populations' age and size structure, reproductive success, and habitat and environmental conditions. Typically, freshwater fisheries are managed according to geographic areas. Management of Maryland's freshwater fisheries is divided into 5 regions, the tidal black bass program, and the brook trout program​.

Please CLICK on a region for specific information, or contact headquarters in Annapolis with general questions by calling 1-877-620-8367.

Inland Regions Map 

Eastern Southern Western 1 Western 2 Central

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