Black Bass Advisory Subcommittee Members

Applicants for the Black Bass Advisory Subcommittee completed a standard application developed from the appointment application of the Sport Fish Advisory Commission. Applicants were categorized by county of residence, their commitment to bass fishing, and whether they were fishing guides, tournament anglers, or other. On July 19, 2016, the department delivered the applicants information to the Sport Fish Advisory Commission for their review. The department recommended 13 applications to the commission, but the commission had all applications to consider. Of the recommended applicants, 5 were characterized as solely tournament anglers and 5 were characterized as solely bass guides. Two applicants were not characterized as either a bass guide or tournament angler and one applicant was characterized as both a guide and tournament angler. The Sport Fish Advisory Commission voted to approve the 13 recommended candidates.

  • Mr. Thomas Bateman
    Tournament Angler
    Potomac River Wednesday Evening Bass Tournaments

  • Mr. Bryan Kelly
    Fishing Guide
    White Fly Outfitters

  • Mr. Nicholas Kuttner
    Potomac Riverkeeper Network

  • Mr. Scott Sewell
    Fishing Guide/Tournament Angler
    Let's Go Fishin
    Maryland Bass Nation

  • Mr. Steve Weimar
    Tournament Angler
    Chester County Bassmasters

  • Mr. John Wheeler
    Tournament Angler