Maryland Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission

The Commission assists in: 1) Promoting increased consumption and distribution of Maryland seafood; and 2) Seeking effective methods to reduce cost and improve the quality and marketability of Maryland seafood.

A $20 surcharge fee is collected from commercial fishing and seafood processing licenses. The use of the $20 surcharge fund is overseen by the Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission and is used for marketing programs.

The Commission is comprised of 13 members: five represent the seafood packers; two represent licensed Maryland watermen; 1 represents the retail food industry; one represents the aquaculture industry; two represent consumers; one represents the Secretary of Natural Resources; and one represents the Secretary of Agriculture.

Vision statement: "A prosperous seafood industry that provides high quality seafood products commercially caught, grown, processed, or sold in the state of Maryland while maintaining sustainable resources and contributing to employment and economic development."