If you have recently applied to be placed on a wait list, please be aware that there is a time lag between applying and when your name will appear on the list. There is a time/date stamp associated with your application; know that you will still be able to keep your place in line.

Wait List updated March 30, 2014
As licenses become available, the individual at the top of the list will be contacted by a Department representative and instructed to pick up their license. If there are no names listed under a license category there is not a waitlist as of the updated date. That does not necessarily mean there are license available, it just means there are no people on the waitlist at the time of the last update. The list will get updated periodically so please check the "last updated" date if you have applied and do not see your name.

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How To Apply To Get On The Wait List

Applications are available at any of the licensing service centers http://dnr.maryland.gov/service/center.asp. Individuals who apply for the Fishing Guide license must attach a copy of their U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License to their application.

How Senate Bill 662 will affect the Apprenticeship Program

Senate Bill 662 repeals the Apprenticeship Program and will be effective July 1, 2013. This means that there will no longer be a requirement to work on the water with another licensee and log hours in order to get a commercial fishing license. There is still a cap on the licenses, but new licenses will be issued through a simple waitlist. The logged hours and DNR class will no longer be required.

Here is what this means for individuals who currently hold apprenticeship permit card, individuals on the waitlist, and individuals that want a license but haven't yet applied.

Individuals who are permitted in the apprenticeship program already have a license waiting for them once they complete the requirements. This means:

  • Permitted individuals will receive a letter letting them know they can go pick up their license as of July 1, 2013.
  • The fee that was paid at the time of application will be applied when picking up the license for the first time. At that time, with the exception of fishing guides, you will have to pay a $215 Harvester's Registration fee and a $20 Seafood Marketing Surcharge. If you would like to sell your own catch to someone other than a dealer you will also have to buy the discounted $50 dealer license. Because you paid when you applied originally, you will not have to pay for the license/authorization at the higher fee in the law. The first issuance is grandfathered in with your application fee.
  • If you pick your license up right away in July it will expire on August 31, 2013 - meaning you will have to turn around and pay the increased license fee, harvester's registration fee, and seafood marking fee again in August to be valid for September 1, 2013-August 31, 2014. You may want to wait to pick up the license in August (then valid September 1) and you will not have to renew the license again until August 2014.

For those individuals who are on the waitlist or thinking about applying for a new license.

  • The current waitlist will continue will be used to determine who is eligible to receive available licenses. Anyone who applies after July 1st will be added to the already established waitlist.
  • When a license become available, the individual at the top of the list will be notified their new license is available.
  • If you apply for a license that does not have a waitlist, the license will be given to you right away. Yes, there are license and authorization categories that do not have a waitlist. No, crabs is not one of them!

There are some individuals who applied for a license in the past, but their Apprenticeship permit expired after three years. These individuals that have not responded to Department notices will receive a refund through the Comptroller's office. If you think you may fall into this category, please call Allison at 410.260.8343 by June 15th.