Real time water flow data is available 24 hours/day from the United States Geological Survey. We have inserted links in the report below for many of the streams and rivers discussed in the fishing report. For additional stations, go to the main real time USGS water flow page .

Casselman River: As of July 1, 2002 the Long Term Median Flow (LTMF) in Grantsville, Maryland is 27 cfs with a flow of 10 cfs and staging at 0.75 feet. Caddis (#14 - 16) and #14 light cahills are a few fly options.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Casselman.

North Branch of the Potomac River: As of July 1, 2002, at the Barnum gauging station the LTMF is 185 cfs with a flow of 193 cfs and staging at 2.88 feet. Flies to fish include #20 blue winged olives, #12 March browns, and #12-14 caddis. Ants should start working soon.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the North Branch of the Potomac at Barnum.

Savage River: As of July 1, 2002 in Bloomington the LTMF is 53 cfs with a flow of 64 cfs and staging at 0.79 feet. Fly options include tan and olive #14-18 caddis, #18 blue winged olives, #14 pale morning dun, and #12-14 light cahills.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Savage River near Bloomington, MD.

Youghiogheny: As of July 1, 2002 the LTMF near Oakland is 62 cfs with a flow of 25 cfs and staging at 2.00 feet. The LTMF in Friendsville is 229 cfs with a flow of 84 cfs and staging at 2.25 feet. Tan and olive #14-18 caddis, sulphurs, #18 blue winged olives, and #14 pale morning dun have been productive. Ants should start anytime.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Youghiogheny near Oakland, MD.

Brown trout with a visual implant tag.  Click for a larger view.Gunpowder River: Water temperature was 59 degrees this morning at Falls Road. Water conditions are low and clear. Sulphurs are dropping off and ants are picking up. Size 16 ants and parachute ants have been effective as well as #18 elk hair caddis with an olive body. Some of the better action has been between Masemore Road and Falls Road. As of July 1, 2002 the LTMF at Little Falls at Blue Mount is 56 cfs with a flow of 15 cfs and staging at .21 feet.

Brown trout have been tagged with visual implant tags just behind the left eye socket (pictured on the left - click for a larger view). If you catch a tagged brown trout please contact Central Regional Manager, Charlie Gougeon, at 410-442-2080 or via e-mail at with the following information: date and location of the catch, tag number, tag color, kept or released, and any other information you feel is important.

Click for the latest real time stream flow for Little Falls/Blue Mount Road, MD.


Susquehanna River above Conowingo: Some smallmouth bass have been caught using small crankbaits and plastic worms. Poppers are a good option in the morning and evening.

Potomac River Water Level Guage. Click for a larger view. Potomac River Creel Information. Click for a larger view.

Nontidal Potomac River: As of July 1, 2002 at the Williamsport Water Treatment Plant the River is 1.5 feet, cloudy, and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Smallmouth bass have been biting well on stonecats and plastics. Tom Parson of Hagerstown, Maryland caught a 2 pound, 3.75 ounce smallmouth bass in Shepardstown using a hellgrammite on June 29th. Leo Banzhoff of Williamsport caught a 2 pound, 10.5 ounce smallmouth bass using a stonecat in the Conococheague on June 29th. His nephew, David Banzhoff of Williamsport, Maryland, landed a 3 pound, 6 ounce smallmouth on that same trip. Today, July 1, 2002, Leo caught a 2 pound, 8.75 ounce smallmouth at the Conococheague on a stonecat. Anthony Fisher of Hagerstown, MD landed a 19 pound, 3 ounce carp at Dam 4 on June 29th. It was caught using a doughball. Frank Bell of Hagerstown, MD caught an 11 pound, 5.5 ounce catfish from Nestlé's Quarry on a minnow June 29th.


Deep Creek Lake (Garrett County): Worms fished in 3 to 12 feet continued to hook bluegills and yellow perch. Evening time has been the best. Several 10 inch bluegills have been caught. Smallmouth, largemouth bass, and chain pickerel continued to bite minnows and plastics fished in 10 to 12 feet of water.

Information on whitewater boating releases is available on the Deep Creek Hydro Hotline at (814) 533-8911 or online at URL:

Liberty Reservoir (Carroll County): Fishing is holding steady. Shoreline bass fishing has been good using medium to large shiners, crayfish, chicken liver, crankbaits, and 10-inch power worms. Fathead minnows, Mini Mites, and maggots have been catching bluegills crappies at Nicodemus Bridge. The Baltimore County side under the Bridge has been particularly productive.

Little Seneca Lake (Montgomery County): Water temperature is approximately 80 degrees and there is 6 feet of visibility. Hydrilla was approximately 3 feet tall. Wacky worms, deep diving crankbaits, jigs, and heavy spinnerbaits fished in the main lake by grassy points in 8 to 16 feet of water have been producing bass. Roger Hudy of Damascus, Maryland, caught a 22 inch, 6 pound largemouth bass during the afternoon of June 26th just prior to dark. He caught this beautiful largemouth on a 4 inch motor-oil plastic worm in approximately 10 feet of water in a wooded area of the lake near Ten Mile Creek. Nighttime fishing opportunities for the remainder of this year are July 17, August 22, and September 18th.

Loch Raven Reservoir (Baltimore County): Loch Raven Fishing Center reported white perch have been caught trolling a spinner hook with a night crawler in 12 to 15 feet of water. Plastic worms, pig and jigs, or stickbaits worked over points, stumps, and grassbeds in 15 to 20 feet of water have been catching bass.

The Maryland Geological Survey has a bathymetry map on their website.

Piney Run Park (PRP): PRP staff reported that catfishing was the highlight of last week. This was excellent timing for the 1st Annual Catfish Rodeo held last Friday, June 28th from 6 pm to midnight. Local angler, Scott Krug (Sykesville, MD), caught the biggest whisker fish weighing in at 4.89 pounds. That cat was caught using chicken liver. The next night fishing opportunity is Thursday, July 11th. Fishing the hydrilla beds for largemouth bass has been excellent. Double bladed spinnerbaits, wacky worms, and large rubber worms have been effective.

Photo of angler with a largemouth bass.Prettyboy Reservoir (Baltimore County): Plastic worms, crankbaits, and surface plugs fished off Photo of angler with a largemouth bass.points and bars have been catching bass. John Quinn of Parkton, Maryland (pictured on the left) caught and released a 17.5 inch largemouth bass fishing a Terminator spinner bait (white skirt) with a crawfish trailer in 12 feet of water on June 30, 2002.

WSSC Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge Reservoirs: Water temperature was approximately 80 degrees last weekend with 3 feet of visibility. Anglers have been catching largemouth and smallmouth bass at both reservoirs fishing structure. Crankbaits and jigs have been productive in deep water. Joe Clem caught a 6 pound, 15 ounce, 23.5 inch largemouth bass at Triadelphia on June 25th. Pictured on the right is Chris Peloquin with a 4 pound, 13 ounce largemouth bass he caught last weekend at Triadelphia. Anglers using jigs have caught a few catfish. Jigs, worms, and crankbaits have been catching crappies. Live worms or minnows, crankbaits, and jigs have caught some walleyes.


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